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Plant-Based | Crafted with Love
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VEGG is a boutique Austin catering company. We specialize in innovative and sustainable vegan catering. VEGG offers a diverse global menu for events of all sizes and tastes. A compassionate and sustainable philosophy is at the heart of our company.

We cater parties, business lunches, weddings, grand openings, fundraisers, retreats, festivals and everything in between. We offer drop off catering as well as onsite catering to suit your needs and budget.


pop ups

Experience VEGG culinary pop ups featuring innovative vegan food at local venues around Austin. See where we pop up next!


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Diana Howe

chef and owner

I grew up on a small family dairy farm in the village of Quincy, Michigan. Growing up on a farm, we always had fresh milk, a freezer full of beef and a small garden, but the majority of our diet was based on convenience – highly processed coming from a box, bottle, or can.

After college I moved to Los Angeles, where my world opened! It was there that I became increasingly interested in health food culture and the environmental movement.

I discovered farmers’ markets, learned the importance of buying organic, and began eating and cooking more whole “living” foods. In conjunction, I watched thought-provoking food documentaries that inspired me to make lifestyle changes that decreased my ecological footprint and improved my health. The documentary film that ignited real dietary change was Vegucated, a film that uncovered the hidden side of animal agriculture and factory farms – from that day forward my plant-based journey began.

I transitioned to a plant-centric diet gradually until the bulk of my diet was from non-processed whole foods. Cooking with whole foods has caused my palate to change, and to my surprise processed foods I used to love no longer taste the way I remember them. I am now able to “hear” my body, and appreciate a connection between the foods I eat and the way I feel.


My love of cooking and desire to learn led me to enroll in the professional chef program at The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts where I trained in vegan, vegetarian, Ayurvedic, Macrobiotic, raw living foods and gluten-free cuisines.

Following culinary school I co-owned and operated; Seed Catering Co. Currently, I am head chef and owner at VEGG, where I specialize in vegan catering and pop-ups.

I live in Austin, Texas with my hubby, Pat and pup Gizmo.